Come and meet our team. We'll tell you about our hobbies and what makes each of us so personally enthusiastic about BANG & OLUFSEN.


Rolf Bosshard-Bosshard Homelink AG

Rolf Bosshard

Chairman of the Board of Directors (Embrach)

"Incredibly impressive workmanship in the finishing of the materials, plus stunningly full-bodied audio reproduction through such small speakers ".

Hobbies: Diving, skiing and enjoying good food and good wine with friends

Lara Bosshard-Bosshard Homelink AG

Lara Bosshard

Member of the Board of Directors (Embrach)

"One remote control device to deal with everything. The timeless, classic appeal and (most important of all) the high quality of design

Hobbies: Family, interior decoration, endurance sports, wining & dining with good friends 

Oliver Dross-Bosshard Homelink AG

Oliver Dross

Member of the Board of Directors (Zurich Hegibachplatz and Höngg)

"Ease of use, design, quality of picture and sound, simply magic".

Hobbies: Skiing, sports, wine, interior design, travel and driving my convertible!

Sandro Bressani-Bosshard Homelink AG

Sandro Bressani

Sales & Technical Support (Zurich Hegibachplatz)

"Outstanding user-friendliness, perfect workmanship in the products and astonishing reproduction of sound and image".

Hobbies: Family, sports, riding scooters and camping

Michael Schmidhauser-Bosshard Homelink AG

Michael Schmidhauser

Workshop Manager (Embrach)

"Ease of use, design, quality of picture and sound quality, magic".

Hobbies: Skiing, sports, wine, interior design, travel, my convertible

Stefan Abegg-Bosshard Homelink AG

Stefan Abegg

Front Line Technician (Zurich-Höngg)

"Ease of use, design, options for integration".

Hobbies: Enjoying life, walking

Patrick Meier-Bosshard Homelink AG

Patrick Meier

Member of the Board of Directors
Front Line Technician (Embrach)

"Captivating sound, design and control of external devices".

Christian Berger-Bosshard Homelink AG

Christian Berger

Front Line Technician (Embrach)

Hobbies: Music and photography

Marco Käppeli-Bosshard Homelink AG

Marco Käppeli

Front Line Technician (Embrach)

"The workmanship on the different materials to produce timeless products. Compatibility with other manufacturers and older B&O products".

Hobbies: Snowboarding, electronic dance music & festivals, computers, film evenings , nature and friends

Pascal Müller-Bosshard Homelink AG

Pascal Müller

Front Line Technician (Embrach)

"Wonderful combination of design and sound".

Dillon Kanyogo-Bosshard Homelink AG

Dillon Kanyogo

Technician - in training (Embrach)

"Fantastic design combined with an excellent sound". 

Hobbies: Skating, snowboarding, making music with Against the Crowd, video games

Andrin Danhamer

Technician - in training (Embrach)

"Design and quality".

Hobbies: Playing football and tennis , video games

Sascha Stumpf-Bosshard Homelink AG

Sascha Stumpf

Technician - in training (Embrach)

"Engineering, and the sound and picture quality".

Hobbies: Handball, video games

Samuel Wiki-Bosshard Homelink AG

Samuel Wiki

Technician - in training (Embrach)

"Uncluttered design combined with outstanding sound".

Hobbies: Unihockey, basketball, video games and doing things with friends.