BeoVision Horizon

We present a new form of functional flexibility, to entertain you when and where it suits you best.

BeoVision Horizon is a modern Ultra HD screen (4K) that guarantees you total flexibility with regard to position. It also delivers an outstanding, powerful sound experience and a high-quality picture that adjusts automatically to suit the actual content and light conditions – with built-in access to all your entertainment modules through the ever-evolving Android TVTM platform.


BeoVision Horizon brings you the key essentials  – and as a result of such uncompromising minimalism, this television can blend with any furnishings and complement any interior. It can also occupy a prominent position if that's what you'd prefer. 


A wide range of configuration options combined with an unobtrusive design profile give you total control over how you use your television. You can position your Horizon elegantly on display, or stand it casually with a backward lean on the floor – or move it around as and when you please on its wheeled stand.


Different viewing experiences call for different sound platforms; BeoVision Horizon automatically tailors your sound experience to suit what you’re watching. Whether you’re currently catching the latest news program, playing a console game or immersing yourself in a movie filled with suspense, the sound will be automatically adjusted to match what you're watching right now. 


Behind the conically-shaped, slightly angled speaker lamellae are two custom-built 2.5-inch drivers. Each has its own 30 watt amplifier with enough power and finesse to keep your listening experience on a par with the crystal clear imagery on the screen. The sound is also clear and powerful – with a performance that's good enough to lift your visual experience to a new level.


Thanks to the built-in wireless Power Link technology, you can easily connect your screen wirelessly to other Bang & Olufsen speakers around your home – and because you don't have to worry about cables, you can also move your BeoVision Horizon around easily, thereby expanding your listening experience with very little effort 


Whenever and wherever you watch your TV, your BeoVision Horizon adjusts the pictures automatically to suit the content on the LED screen – and the specific environment. Whether you're getting excited by sporting highlights as you breakfast in the kitchen, or letting the children watch a broadcast or sitting on the sofa in the evening to watch an action film to end the day, there's a special picture mode for every programme. You have full control over the images – and you can programme in your preferred settings if you'd rather not simply leave it to the automatic mode.


BeoVision Horizon has a small light sensor that measures the lighting conditions in the room and adjusts the screen's output accordingly, very like the human eye. The result is a natural viewing experience that is both clear and easy to watch.


BeoVision Horizon is carefully crafted from raw aluminium, almost like a sculpture. The sleek dark frame and speaker lamellae merge together seamlessly to create an object made of steel that complements its surroundings perfectly. From the very first sketched drafts, the designer and the concept team sought a more informal and casual approach to living with a television – though in reality, the phrase “with a screen” could be closer to the truth. The product is very Danish-looking; understated yet solid and with a minimalism that transcends both fashion and time. Its nickname is actually "The Mirror", partly because it resembles a sheet of glass inside a very distinctive frame, but also because the TV is so discreet when it's turned off that you could easily pass it by without even noticing.

When you look closer, you'll discover all the BeoVision Horizon’s finer details; like the effect of light and shade between the frame and the lamellae, and the way the screen almost disappears when it's viewed from the front but gains perspective and depth when viewed from the side. The aluminium lamellae hover stylishly below the screen, cloaking the speakers behind. They are conical and slightly angled to draw out the best possible acoustic performance.


BeoVision Horizon operates on the ever-evolving Android TV™ platform. This software provides fast and easy access to a virtually infinite volume of Internet-based content through Google Play. In addition, you can access all of the other exciting applications that you use for entertainment, news and games. The built-in Google Cast technology lets you stream movies, photos and music straight from your smartphone or tablet to your BeoVision 14 at the touch of a single button. And here comes the best feature of them all: as Android TV software evolves, so will your TV, giving you more and more entertainment options, increased functionalities and plenty of magic moments.


The times when you had to point remote control devices precisely at your equipment are over. The operating system for BeoVision Horizon is based fully on Bluetooth® technology, which means that you don't need to point the remote control at any particular spot on your TV. As soon as you press the button, the command is executed. Easy. 

Access with a single button

Using the four programmable MyButtons, you can switch back to your favourite station or personalise your settings (e.g. audio modes and picture settings) with just one click of a button.

Twice as practical

BeoRemote One Bluetooth uses Bluetooth and Infrared. Because it involves two-way remote control, synchronising is automatic between BeoVision Avant and your remote control device.

A pleasure to hold

BeoRemote One is manufactured from a single piece of extruded aluminium and feels pleasantly slim in the hand. Its sound ergonomic design feels so well-balanced that you won't want to let the remote control go.


BeoVision Horizon is very easy to use with all your other Bang & Olufsen Multiroom products. You can listen to music on the speakers in your television or transmit the sound from your TV to a different room.

Price 40":

3'700.- incl. easel stand
4'000.- incl. floorstand, wall bracket or wheel stand

Price 48":
5'200.- incl. easel stand

5'500.- incl. floorstand, wall bracket or wheel stand