BeoVision Eclipse

The BeoVision Eclipse name was chosen for its symbolic meaning. The sun and the moon are two heavenly bodies that each fascinate us in their own right – but when they come together, they create something absolutely spectacular. Sensational OLED technology joins superlative quality of sound and design to create an extraordinarily coherent solution.

Performance – state of the art integrated sound paired with exceptional OLED picture quality
The world's best 55-inch and 65-inch screen technology with absolute black and colours fit for a cinemat, 4K HDR with Dolby Vision™. BeoVision Eclipse is a true OLED TV. The magic of self-illuminating OLED pixels lies in their ability to produce optimum contrasts - which is precisely the aspect of our television experience we find most critical. BeoVision Eclipse reproduces visual results that are true to the original.

This sound center has a built-in 3-channel 450 watt configuration that will put even the most powerful soundbar on the market to shame. The integral 3-channel speaker system with L/R stereo plus a mid channel also has 7.1 Digital Surround Sound Decoding for a cinematic listening experience. The quality of sound from the mid channel is equivalent to that of Bang & Olufsen's high-end speakers. A central channel provides optimised speech reproduction, stereo and an incredible bass output - i.e. the BeoVision Eclipse is impressive for its sound output alone. It houses six amplifiers and six drivers in their own closed housings.

Stunning listening performance with sound modes, built-in Surround-Sound, bass management and TrueImage technology. BeoVision Eclipse is extremely flexible – it has its own integral speakers but it can also be connected to yet more speakers, either wirelessly or by cable.

Manufacturing quality – impressive, graceful design with an unparalleled love of detail
Unmistakeable Bang & Olufsen design with a visual highlighting of the sound.

The sound "bursts out" from the thin OLED screen, which creates such a good visual impression that it is vital for the sound to envelop the listener.

This television either balances elegantly on a thin tube of aluminium with a motorised base, making a coherent, charming design statement - or it's mounted on the "invisible" wall bracket and floats in the air as if by magic. 

Entertainment. Far more than simply a television – this is an outstanding audio and video centre

BeoVision Eclipse is a fully-fledged, powerful audio system that would outshine many audio streaming speakers.

It offers built-in music services, with access to Spotify, Deezer and the internet radio portal TuneIn, giving you access to millions of music tracks and thousands of radio stations.

It supports Bluetooth and all your favourite streaming technologies, such as Google Cast, AirPlay and DLNA.

BeoVision Eclipse is part of the BeoLink Multiroom range, which brings your Bang & Olufsen and B&O PLAY products together into one single wireless system – giving you more freedom at home.

Convenience – the focus is on flexibility and user friendliness


The world's leading Smart TV platform just got even better, from an extremely fast switch-on time to the user-friendly integration of all your sources of media content. The Smart TV platform in BeoVision Eclipse is based on a webOS 3.5 TV platform; this offers access to a large number of sources and internet content, such as Netflix, Amazon, YouTube etc., and even your own photo collection.

The "philosophy of a single remote control"

BeoVision Eclipse also supports Bang & Olufsen's concept of using a single remote control device for every application. BeoRemote One BT Netflix_Amazon gives you access to both the built-in webOS content and the other sources – with just a single click of the button. Furthermore, the same operating principles apply to all the sources, so you can always use the same buttons, regardless of the source.

As part of our certification agreement with Netflix and Amazon, we have now adapted the existing layout of our buttons so that we can offer you an additional version with dedicated buttons for each of these two service providers.

BeoVision Eclipse 55", from: CHF 10'500.-

BeoVision Eclipse 65", from: CHF 14'750.-