BeoVision 14

New design. New technology.

The familiar design is deceiving – in reality, almost everything has changed, inside and out. A fresh, more ingenious design provides a completely new image that almost has a life of its own, while new technology gives a more flexible, autonomous TV experience.


BeoVision 14 is an Ultra HD-LED television (4K) that offers a wide range of connection options and built-in access to all your apps. The sound is also more captivating and of better quality than you would get with most stand-alone speaker systems. This is more than just a television - it's the mainstay of your entertainment system.


The real oak lamellae on the front of BeoVision 14 form a warm, organic contrast to the non-reflective glass panel and the elegant aluminium front that draws a clear line around both the sound and the image. The unique square form gathers all the different components together to form a coherent picture, and is typical of a Bang & Olufsen design – a design that fits perfectly into your home and yet leaves a lasting impression. Once you switch the TV on, it transforms itself into a living, magnetic canvas that draws you immediately under its spell. Thanks to the interchangeable speaker cover, you can adapt the appearance of your BeoVision 14 to suit your own preferences to perfection.


You can mount the TV onto a motorised base so that it always faces the right way for you to keep it comfortably in view, wherever you're sitting. The television is fixed so that it leans slightly backwards on its easel stand; it seems almost like any perfectly-integrated piece of furniture in your house. When it's mounted on a wall bracket, BeoVision 14 hangs like a painting - but more like a subtle decorative item rather than an all-conquering objet d'art.


The natural beauty of BeoVision 14 lies under the bonnet: a three-way speaker with full active power and a stunning bass that delivers a sound output and clarity never previously achieved by any television. Prepare for an experience that will truly blow you away, and discover why we always say that the sound is half the picture.


Our pre-set sound modes have been custom-tuned to perfectly match the different entertainment genres. When you're using Film Mode, you experience a larger sound platform with an optimised bass response, but when you're in Night Listening Mode, the audio is tweaked to avoid disturbing those around you. There's an option to suit every need - and you can create your own personal settings too.

MORE POWER If you are after an even more intense sound experience, BeoVision 14 easily lets you connect extra speakers, whether wirelessly or linked by cable. Bang & Olufsen's TrueImage technology mixes your audio perfectly to match your individual speaker configuration.


BeoVision 14 operates on the ever-evolving Android TV™ platform. This software provides fast, easy access to a virtually infinite volume of Internet-based content through Google Play. In addition,  you can access all of the other exciting applications that you use for entertainment, news and gaming. The built-in Google Cast technology lets you stream movies, photos and music straight from your mobile phone or tablet to your BeoVision 14 at the touch of a single button. And here comes the best feature of them all: as Android TV software evolves, so will your TV, giving you more and more entertainment options, increased functionalities and plenty of magic moments.


Thanks to the incredible capacity and finesse of BeoVision 14's speakers, you can also use the television as an audio system. Millions of tracks and thousands of radio stations are available direct on your screen through your access to Deezer, Spotify and TuneIn Radio. So easy.


BeoVision 14 has a reflection-reducing coating on its glass front panel. It's coated on both sides to ensure optimum visual results, even under more difficult conditions such as bright sunlight.


Automatic Picture Control recognises the current light conditions and changes the picture settings accordingly. This allows the TV to provide the same high picture quality day and night.


BeoVision 14 is designed to automatically deliver the optimum picture in all conceivable circumstances. However, you may sometimes prefer to adjust the settings yourself. If you're looking for a very specific colour temperature that was consciously chosen by a film's director, for example, you'll find various picture settings in Film mode. In Play mode, you can reduce the input/output delay to a minimum to be sure you'll get excellent image reaction when you play your favourite game.


The pleated wooden lamellae on the speaker cover are made of real oak. They are just 3 to 6 millimetres wide and provide that something extra, indicating that this delicate work requires absolute perfection and concentration. This construction approaches the physical limits of the material, for which only the best, most flawless oak is good enough. The wood must have no knots or annual growth rings for work to be undertaken on the miniature level.


The stylish aluminium frame that elegantly encloses the sound and picture is just a few centimetres wide. The aluminium finish is worked and angled slightly to draw out the largest possible screen area. The aluminium is polished to a high gloss and then anodised. The front of the aluminium profile seems to melt into the glass surface, while the back reflects the colour of the wall.


The front panel has a non-reflective coating on both sides so that you can see the television clearly, even when the sun shines brightly. A lightly-shaded film is inserted between the two sheets of glass in order to create a uniform black surface – and to prevent injury should the panel ever break.


A single remote control device for everything. It's here at last, giving you intuitive, easy access to all your Bang & Olufsen products and other items, such as your cable TV receiver and your Blu-ray player. BeoRemote One Bluetooth uses Bluetooth and Infrared, and because of the two-way remote control, synchronising is automatic between BeoVision 14 and your remote control device.


Using the four programmable MyButtons, you can switch back to your favourite station or personalise your settings (e.g. stand position, volume and other settings) with just one click of a button. Comprehensive control has never been easier, or more convenient.


BeoRemote One is manufactured from a single piece of extruded aluminium and feels pleasantly slim in the hand. Its sound ergonomic design feels so well-balanced that you won't want to let this remote control go.


BeoVision 14 is extremely easy to use with all your other Bang & Olufsen Multiroom products. You can listen to music on the speakers in your television or transmit the sound from your TV to a different room. 

Prices for BeoVision 14-40" and 55"