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BeoSystem 4

BeoSystem 4 is a video engine that delivers a tailor-made home cinema experience to the customer at a completely new level. It acts as a perfect hub, where all the very latest audio configurations and home automation systems can be integrated.


You can connect up to six different sources, e.g. Blu-ray players, Apple TV, a PlayStation, set-top boxes etc., and get full Bang & Olufsen remote control of the entire system. Use a BeoRemote One, Beo4 or the BeoRemote App on your iPad or Android-based tablet. BeoSystem 4 also supports Spotify and Deezer. In a comprehensive configuration involving home automation (such as controls for lights, curtains and security), you can use BeoLink Gateway and the BeoLink App to operate all the connected equipment. 


With the new video engine included in BeoSystem 4, Bang & Olufsen introduced a radical paradigm shift in architecture and a substantial improvement in processing power (up to 4 to 5 times the power offered by the previous generation of processors). As a result, BeoSystem 4 opens up an opportunity for you to enjoy absolutely top quality surround sound, even in configurations involving projectors and other screen solutions. In addition, customers can choose between a broad spectrum of active BeoLab speakers, and integrate up to 12 speakers into the same solution. TrueImageTM technology is used for up/down mixing of the incoming sources to match the number of speakers connected in your configuration. Intelligent bass management and dedicated sound modes that are tailor-made for specific viewing situations (e.g. video games, films and news) are used to ensure that the listening experience is always of the best. All this is carried out to absolute perfection –  and it can also happen automatically if required.


BeoSystem 4 is more than a cinema-standard entertainment hub – it’s an integral part of the Bang & Olufsen BeoLink Multiroom experience. Just add a few of our wonderful products – including BeoVision 11, BeoVision Avant, BeoPlay A9, BeoSound Moment and BeoSound Essence – and you can start enjoying the benefits that wireless sound can really offer. Play music on BeoVision Avant in one room and a different track on BeoPlay A9 in another – or let the same sounds flow smoothly throughout your home. You can use the BeoMusic app or your preferred Bang & Olufsen remote control device to control the music in each individual room.


BeoSystem 4 was designed by Torsten Valeur, of the team at David Lewis Designers, with the intention that it would be housed in a 19" rack. However, it's also offered with a wall bracket solution and an elegant aluminium front in case it's to be placed in a more prominent position. Although BeoSystem 4 is indispensable in any setup involving BeoVision Avant, it's also seen as a very important part of custom installations involving third party screens, and configurations involving projectors. BeoSystem 4 offers a great spectrum of benefits in such configurations.

PRICE BeoSystem 4: CHF 4,045.-