BeoLab 50

"The balance is light and subtle in BeoLab 50. The footprint of these striking speakers is relatively small, so they would fit into any home" says designer André Poulheim.

The new BeoLab 50 is the first speaker from Bang & Olufsen to be designed as an ongoing development of the prestigious and innovative BeoLab 90 speaker. The exceptional sound output of BeoLab 50 is based upon the acoustic research and technological development of BeoLab 90, whose launch set a completely new standard for state of the art loudspeakers. BeoLab 50 shares some of the functions of BeoLab 90.

Thanks to its innovative sound control technology and unique design, the new BeoLab 50 provides the ultimate in audio quality. The unmistakeable appearance of the speaker reflects the technologies it employs, while it also dovetails elegantly into the interior design of the room.

The slender, tall silhouette of the BeoLab 50 is rounded off by its flowing lines and visible edges. The silver-polished aluminium surfaces and warm oak lamellae are recognisable trademarks of Bang & Olufsen's products .

The lower section of the speaker is designed in such a way that it seems to lift visually off the ground, placing the focus onto its light appearance and clear lines.

BeoLab 50 also benefits from the groundbreaking Active Room Compensation technology. An external microphone allows the BeoLab 50 to survey its acoustic environment and apply the ideal adjustment filter to direct the optimum sound to individual listening positions or to the whole room.

The unique Acoustic Lens Technology is a Bang & Olufsen trademark responsible for sound distribution in the upper frequencies, and is located in the upper part of the speaker. An acoustic lens distributes the sound using Beam Width Control, in either the 180-degree mode, so that many people can enjoy listening together, e.g. at a party or film evening, or in a focused mode, where the sound distribution is directed towards a specific "sweet spot".

When BeoLab 50 is switched on, the lens rises elegantly and gracefully upwards in a gently-lit indentation, making it subtly visible both day and night.


BeoLab 50 is very easy to operate with the help of the Bang & Olufsen App. Depending on your listening position and preferences, you can choose between various pre-sets or create your own configuration.

BeoLab 50 speakers connect with each other in a Master/Slave set-up through a Digital Power Link. Sound sources are fed into the system through an extensive connection panel on the Master speaker. As a supplement to cable connection, BeoLab 50 also includes wireless technology, whereby WiSA technology standards enable a very stable performance to be achieved in  multichannel audio streaming.

BeoLab 50 is a high-end active speaker with a 2100 watt output .


Bronze, Silver or Brass Tone 34'000.- (per pair)

Piano Black Edition 40'000.- (per pair)