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BeoLab 3

When compactness meets the perfect sound...

BeoLab 3 is the perfect execution of a full-volume sound experience in a compact cover. Never before has BANG & OLUFSEN developed a speaker that has fooled as many people with its size as it did with BeoLab 3! The three bass membranes act as sound pressure amplifiers, extracting the maximum sound from the small cuboid housing - producing an infinity of positioning alternatives in any room.

These sound characteristics are underlined by the use of Acoustic Lens Technology. Believe it or not, these silver-coloured aluminium tweeters emit the high frequency range through a horizontal angle  of 180° into the room. The benefit is clear: no matter where you place yourself in front of the speaker, you'll always enjoy perfect sound. Did you know that the sensation of stereo is mainly transmitted in the high frequency range? This means that you'll experience stereo in a previously unimagined dimension too.

Compact, yet superlative sound!

Colour of housing:
Black, white and anthracite

Support options:
Stand base ring (110.- / Pair)
Stand base, aluminium (550.- / Pair)
Table stand, aluminium (280.- / Pair)
Wall bracket (180.- / Pair)

PREIS: 4,240.- / Pair incl. stand base ring