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BeoLab 19

Experience the sound, don't just hear it....

Sometimes, you just have to have a little more...

Imagine that you want to really immerse yourself in a cinema production in your own home. Imagine that you don't just want to see an approaching helicopter moving towards you on the screen, you want to really "feel" it coming. Then you're just going to have to have a little more impact than usual. These are the times when you can't really do without the support of a powerful subwoofer. Of course, you'll enjoy the BeoLab 19 dodecahedron's support for purely musical pleasures too, ranging from Bach's famous Toccata to modern numbers with an emphasis on the bass. Music and other sounds in general become more vivid when the deeper frequencies are replicated cleanly but with immense power.

The engineers in Denmark have achieved a great triumph with BeoLab 19. Fitted with two bass membranes, the bass speaker is driven by two digital ICE power amplifiers, with an output of 160W each to prevent any unwanted vibrations. The new wireless WiSA-technology facilitates an infinite range of positioning options for the subwoofer within any room. The era when your choice of position was limited by annoying cables is finally over. These days, your choice of where to place your speaker is simply determined by the best acoustics and by your own ideas.

Did you know that the Greek philosopher Plato believed that the dodecahedron had been used by God to decorate every constellation in the whole of heaven? 

Power in a perfect form...

Black, Grey, White and Brass Tone

PRICE: CHF 3'250.-