BeoLab 18

When beauty meets the perfect sound...

Unexpected - iconic - seems familiar somehow...

BeoLab 18 continues the success story started by one of the best-known speakers in the history of BANG & OLUFSEN. BeoLab 8000 was introduced to the market in 1992, The designer was praised for his audacity in creating a speaker in the form of an organ pipe. But BANG & OLUFSEN had always pursued the philosophy of "Form follows Function" rather than valuing looks alone. The reason for placing the speaker on a narrow aluminium spike was to transmit as few sound waves as possible to the floor. This reduces unpleasant spurious oscillations within the room and assists the transmission of distortion-free music.

Now, BeoLab 18 has been updated to meet contemporary standards. New digital power amplifiers help the audio transducers produce a noticeable improvement in the sound. The acoustic lenses spread high-frequency sound evenly throughout the room in a 180-degree horizontal arc. This produces a sound platform that allows you to pick out individual instruments and voices BETWEEN the speakers. It also makes it significantly easier to position these beautiful speakers within the room.

The design of the lamellae on the front of the speakers is calculated to ensure that the sound waves emanate from them absolutely uniformly - a true feat of engineering! The aluminium tip is tapered conically so that the speaker seems much lighter and more dynamic.

WiSA technology is used for the first time here. This realises the long-held dream of simple positioning for the speakers in a room. The wireless transmission standard provides  24bit up to 8 channels.

Immaculate wireless sound!

Aluminium housing:
Silver, Black, Bronze or Brass Tone

Stand options:

  • wall brackte
  • floor stand


6'000.- / pair (incl. lamellae fronts black and floorstand)
6'000.- / pair (incl. lamellae fronts white and floorstand)

6'700.- / pair (incl. lamellae fronts wood oak and floorstand)

6'700.- / pair (incl. lamellae fronts wood maple and floorstand)

6'900.- / pair (incl. lamellae fronts wood smoked oak and floorstand)

7'000.- / pair (incl. lamellae fronts wood walnut and floorstand)