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BeoLab 17

Wireless digital speaker and placement marvel ...

Avantgarde - sassy - flexible!

Have you ever let an ice cube float in liquid? Sure! And what did you see? The liquid caused fine cracks to appear in the ice - creating a wonderful tracery of delicate lines. BANG & OLUFSEN has called the new front on its BeoLab 17 speaker "Broken Ice". This innovative surface structure is currently fashionable with designers and architects all around the world.

When you trace your finger along the edge of the delicately brushed aluminium housing, you'll never encounter any hard edges. Not only that, the edge doesn't just come to an end, it rejoins itself to form an infinite entity. This geometric form lends the BeoLab 17 an enormously harmonious appearance that fits perfectly into any ambience.

BANG & OLUFSEN has realised the long-held dream of easy speaker placement in a room with the introduction of the new "WiSA" wireless technology. This means that you can now connect up to 7 speakers wirelessly to your stereo system or television at a quality better than that of CDs.

The range of brackets and bases leaves the choice to you! You can hang your speaker on the wall, or place it on a base or flat on the floor in a monitor-type design, or you can place it on a cabinet. It can also be personalised with black or white end caps. You'll find no limit on your creativity here - and why should you?

Aluminium housing:
Silver, Black, White or Brass Tone

Speaker covers:

Black, White, Rumba Red, Midnight Green, Driftwood Beige, Forged Iron Grey, Parisian Night or Purple Heart (130.-/ Pair)


3'800.-/ pair (incl. floorstand or wall bracket)
4'020.-/ pair (incl. aluminium floorstand)