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BeoLab 12-3

Slimline speaker with a tone that's anything but thin...

This powerful speaker is just 10.6 cm in depth and is therefore ideally suited to wall mounting. The bass frequencies radiate backwards causing the wall to act as a reflecting surface, and adding volume to the system. The tried-and-tested ICEpower digital power amplifiers lend the speakers a level of efficiency never previously encountered, at 97.5%. The effect of this is that very little energy is lost in the form of heat.

Just like almost all of the other newer BANG & OLUFSEN speakers, the tweeters are constructed in the form of acoustic lenses. These range over an incredible 180° soundscape. This means that you, the listener, will enjoy the same clear high frequency and stereo experience anywhere in front of the speaker. This is a particularly important feature in surround sound applications, such as when you're watching a cinema film recorded in Dolby Digital, and it really will transport you right in to the middle of the cinematic experience.

Front colours:
Topaz, white and silver

Support option:
Wall brackets (70.- / Pair)
Floor stand (550.- / Pair)

PRICE: CHF 4,560.- / Pair incl. wall bracket