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BeoLab 11

Iconic design combined with powerful sound...

The days when subwoofers were ugly, clumsy pieces of technology to be hidden in a dark corner of the room are long gone. If you show off this beautiful, tulip-shaped subwoofer, you won't be getting complements on the sound alone.

The Acoustic Balance Principle was used for the first time in BeoLab 11. In this configuration, two bass membranes produce in-phase frequencies, which eliminate unwanted vibrations. Of course, at the heart of BeoLab 11, like almost all modern BANG & OLUFSEN speakers, beats an ICEpower amplifier unit that produces 200W of digital power.

Another new feature is the speaker's optional alternative position on the wall, made possible by a stylish bracket!

BeoLab 11, Black or White (CHF 1,795.-)
BeoLab 11, Silver or Anthracite (CHF 2,095.-)

Matching wall bracket (CHF 145.-)