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BeoSound Shape

"The hexagon is a shape that's often encountered in nature, from snowflakes to honeycombs. As an intrinsically repetitive and expandable structure, it's a useful concept in the natural world. Every incidence is unique, and there is a natural beauty in these infinite variations" according to the designer, Oivind Alexander Slaatto

BeoSound Shape is a unique and scalable wireless speaker system. You can shape it as you wish and convert music of the highest quality into art for your living room. The design is modular, made of hexagonal forms that can be fixed decoratively to the wall in sizes and arrangements to suit your requirements. The system comprises speakers, amplifiers and sound-absorbing modules that you can put together in a variety of patterns, materials and colours.

Design based on acoustics
Sound refers to both noise and music – and it's therefore part of our normal environment. Whether we're designing private or commercial interiors, we want to reduce noise while producing pleasant music and other sounds. Usually, we do this by including conventional acoustic panels and hi-fi installations, but it's now high time we produced a more integrated concept of sound and design.

Natural forms and infinite variations
In contrast with other speaker systems, BeoSound Shape is designed to provide the ultimate creative freedom – you can adapt the size, form and colours and even the soundscape to suit your own preference. The modular tiling concept of BeoSound Shape is based upon a single geometric form - the hexagon. Each tile incorporates its own function, either as a loudspeaker, amplifier or acoustic insulator, which can be put together in any combination you like for rooms large or small.

A unique decorative work of interior design art, hung on the wall and adapted to suit your personal furnishing style.

This modular system represents a sophisticated interplay between speakers and amplifiers, together with acoustic insulation modules that you can use to control the quality of sound. Depending on your own individual design requirements, you can set up an installation involving anything from just 2 to an impressive 44 speakers.

BeoSound Shape is a uniquely flexible speaker system that can grow in line with your requirements. Change the colour when you redecorate or add in more speaker tiles to increase the sound output or acoustic insulation.

In addition, BeoSound Shape offers a whole series of different colour options for the tried an tested acoustic material used in other Bang & Olufsen products. Alternatively, you can also choose from a new range of woollen materials based on the exquisite Kvadrat textile solutions.

The all-in-one wireless speaker system, hung on the wall
BeoSound Shape is far more than just a speaker. This is a completely wireless speaker system that can be fitted with up to 44 individual speakers to play back digital music at a high, nuance-rich audio quality.

The new BeoSound Core connection hub sits at the heart of this system. It allows you to transmit music by streaming directly from your mobile device, using the the latest streaming technologies, such as Chromecast built-in, Apple AirPlay or Bluetooth.

BeoSound Core puts the Multiroom function into action, which makes it part of our Multiroom collection. This is a range of products that helps you to join a number of wireless speakers around your house together to create a network, and then to combine them into an integrated audio system.

An installation that improves the room acoustic in open multi-purpose rooms
BeoSound Shape achieves two aims -  it is a design-oriented solution that improves poor interior acoustics. Secondly, it also offers deep musical enjoyment.

Interior acoustics pose an increasing problem because our living areas are becoming bigger, but we carry out a variety of activities within the same space. BeoSound Shape is also useful outside the domestic environment, e.g. in hotel lobbies, restaurants, conference rooms and offices, where life can get extremely loud. By installing modules for acoustic attenuation, BeoSound Shape exerts a powerful effect on sound quality, especially where there are hard surfaces  (glass, concrete and wood).

An incredible sound platform all but brings the band right into the living room
BeoSound Shape offers an authentic, convivial audio experience for all. Rather than optimising the sound at a fixed position, our unique Upmix algorithm distributes the audio signals intelligently across all the speakers. As a result, the correlated sounds are heard the same from any listening position as they are in the middle of the room. Your wall becomes a stage with the front man to be heard in the middle. The instruments are added in from the side and seem to stay in their place, even when you move around. The sensation and spatial effect of a live performance is truly ingenious .


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