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Beo Sound Moment

The gateway to the digital music world 

The digitalisation of the media environment and the rapid spread of music services such as Deezer and internet radio stations are making it increasingly hard to manage it all. We all know what it's like: we're sitting around the dinner table with friends and want some background music to suit the mood of the moment. So what next? Shall we switch on an internet radio station? Or would it be better to choose a playlist in Deezer or on iTunes?

This is exactly where BeoSound Moment comes into its own. This musical all-rounder manages all your digital sound sources easily  through a touch-sensitive interface. No matter where your tracks are actually stored, you can see them all at a glance. All you have to do is choose ... and if you'd rather not choose for yourself, you can simply leave it to the music system. Just describe your current surroundings to BeoSound Moment and it will take you on a journey that's guaranteed to suit the mood of the moment through the world of music, as if by magic.

What do you have to do? It's really very easy. On the screen, you'll see a colour-coded mood dial - you decide whether you'd prefer to enjoy music that's joyful, serious, energising or relaxing. The rest simply boils down to technology, working on behalf of you, the user. Of course, you can easily carry the touch panel with you when you move around so that you can control your system from wherever you are in the room - it's like a pocket-sized jukebox!


You're sitting with a glass of wine in the living room in the evening. You've left the choice of music to your new BeoSound Moment and you don't want anything to disturb your peace. Just place the tablet on the base station, with the wooden side up. You can vary the sound level using an operating dial that's been machined gently into the wood - another innovation!


Most of us music consumers follow a set pattern when we listen to music. In the morning, we like to catch up with the news quickly as we eat breakfast, maybe dip into the charts a little with lunch and enjoy music that helps us relax in the evening. BeoSound Moment picks up this pattern from its individual user. One click in the middle of the volume control wheel is all it takes for you to enjoy the type of music you usually listen to at this time of day, regardless of the actual time on the clock or the day of the week. The time when we had to think about what we should choose from which source has passed.


A friend would like to play you a piece that he's just saved to his smartphone at home. He connects up to BeoSound Moment via Bluetooth and takes control...

It's never been easier to enjoy music!

Wall bracket (price on request)
Floor stand (price on request)

PRICE BeoSound Moment: CHF 2,595.-