BeoSound Edge


A compact, high-performance wireless speaker that delivers timeless design, cutting-edge, innovative acoustic technology and magical interaction for a listening experience that inspires your imagination. The high-quality polished aluminum conceals an acoustic masterpiece inside - the world's first Active Bass Port. With this revolutionary technology, the BeoSound Edge delivers exceptionally powerful bass at high volumes, while playing quieter tones precise and delicately.


The BeoSound Edge is calibrated to detect the strength of your touch, adjusting the volume based on the rolling motion, even if it defies gravity on the wall mount. A gentle movement causes a slight change in volume. A stronger movement makes for a more drastic change. No matter how, the speaker always returns to its original position. Perfectly balanced design. Perfectly balanced sound.


This speaker senses your presence. When you approach, the BeoSound Edge comes to life - the user interface lights up thanks to proximity sensors. You can then play, pause and skip tracks by simply tapping the touch-sensitive, aluminum surface. The main speaker controls merge again with the black surface as soon as they are no longer used.


Change the direction of the sound. Change the ambience. The BeoSound Edge offers three directional sound settings to suit the flexible needs of a modern home. For a more exclusive listening experience, you can play music only on the right or only on the left side of the speaker. Choose the omnidirectional True360 sound mode to fill the entire room with the famous Bang & Olufsen sound so everyone can enjoy it. 


For more than 50 years, Bang & Olufsen has pioneered the use of aluminum with one of the most advanced anodising plants in the world. With this product, our workmanship has been taken to a new level with the perfectly round frame and flawless, glossy finish. In order to illuminate the controls made of aluminum, thousands of microscopic holes have to be drilled into the material in a filigree process using a laser. The surface coating, which protects the aluminum from scratches, consists of an extremely thin layer of transparent ceramic. Of course, none of this is visible to the naked eye. And that's exactly how it should be.


With the BeoSound Edge you enjoy the ultimate freedom to play music to your taste. The all-in-one wireless speaker enables effortless streaming of music through AirPlay2, Chromecast built-in or Bluetooth. Thanks to the integrated multiroom technology, you can also connect multiple speakers throughout the house to create a seamless audio system.

Installation options:
Wall bracket or floorstand

Color options:
- Natural (Silver)
- Limited Edition Bronze

- Brass Tone

Price CHF 3'750.-