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BeoSound 2

"Simplicity is the No. 1 priority", declares Torsten Valeur, the man behind the design of BeoSound 1 and BeoSound 2, "and we aim to create something that resembles a musical instrument– products where every part is there for a purpose, i.e. to transmit beautiful music".

Everything you need. Whenever and wherever you need it. Exactly as you require.

BeoSound 2 is a powerful wireless speaker system with a room-filling 360-degree sound output, a robust yet unobtrusive aluminium design, integral access to Spotify, Deezer, QPlay and TuneIn – and BeoLink Multiroom technology, which joins all the Bang & Olufsen products in your home together to create a wireless system. BeoSound 2 supports all the common wireless technologies: Bluetooth, AirPlay and Google Cast and DLNA.

Aluminium is highly characteristic feature for Bang & Olufsen, but it wasn't chosen for design purposes alone. As a result of the rigidity of this material, the prevention of dissonance caused by joints and the elimination of distortions, a closed casing made of aluminium also offers the best acoustic qualities.


The conically-shaped housing ensures flexibility with regard to positioning. The actual footprint of the speaker is minimal, so it can be placed wherever you like to listen to music. From time to time, you can even disconnect it from the mains power supply and put it anywhere you want around your home.


With BeoLink Multiroom technology, you can combine your Bang & Olufsen and B&O PLAY products to create a single seamless, wireless system. Start up your musical experience or include a device by simply tapping on top of BeoSound 2. Listen to different music in different rooms, or let one track ring out throughout the whole house. You can even tie your Bang & Olufsen television into the loop - allowing you to hear the TV's sound in other rooms, or listen to music through the speaker on the TV.


Experience the enchantment of 360-degree sound. The sound you hear is rounded, powerful and precise – regardless of where either you or the speaker happen to be. Acoustic Lens Technology disperses the high frequencies horizontally in the room. It simultaneously also reduces reflections from the floor and ceiling, which ensures that the sound output always remains at the same, optimum level. Adaptive Bass Linearisation captures any excess capacities in the amplifiers and driver units to provide you with additional bass power. Any excess signal spikes in the sound are also smoothed out.


The integral proximity sensor determines the direction from which the user is approaching, allowing the control dial to be operated intuitively from any direction.


Tap, turn and swipe! All the basic music commands can be controlled directly on the product – so you can switch the phone off while you listen to your music.


Quick and easy to set up, it supports Bluetooth and all your favourite streaming technologies, such as Google Cast, AirPlay and DLNA, as well as the free-of-charge BeoMusic app. (available for Android from the autumn).


Spotify, Deezer and TuneIn have already been built in, which means that you can quickly and easily access millions of tracks and thousands of playback lists and radio stations – without even grabbing hold of your Smartphone or Tablet. The streaming services are integrated into BeoSound 2, so the battery on your mobile device will last longer (because the speaker streams directly from the Cloud). Thanks to this function, you can also continue to use your smartphone for calls, messages and games, without interrupting the music.


Fill the whole room with a sound that'll give you goosebumps. The powerful, high-performance but finely coordinated output of BeoSound 2 puts you right at the centre of the music.


You can play tracks directly from your favourite music apps via Bluetooth or WiFi, or call up the full Bang & Olufsen experience through the BeoMusic app.


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PRICE: 2'200.-