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BeoSound 1

'Simplicity is the No. 1 priority", declares Torsten Valeur, the man behind the design of BeoSound 1 and BeoSound 2, "and we aim to create something that resembles a musical instrument – products where every part is there for a purpose, i.e. to transmit beautiful music".

Flexible positioning. Flexible reproduction. Powerful wireless flexibility and mobility. 

BeoSound 1 is a mobile wireless speaker with an impressive 360-degree sound output, a solid aluminium housing made for mobility, integral access to Spotify, Deezer, QPlay and TuneIn, a battery power supply for use outside the home – and BeoLink Multiroom technology, which connects all the Bang & Olufsen products in your home together to create a wireless system.
As a truly mobile speaker, BeoSound 1 supports a variety of connection options, from Google Cast via Bluetooth and AirPlay to DLNA. 

These conically-shaped bodies float slightly above the floor, allowing the droning bass sounds to be directed downwards. The speakers are slightly open at the top for acoustic reasons, but otherwise the surface is completely smooth – onlookers gain the impression of a robust design, pared down with precision to the minimum. And if you look closer at the structure of the aluminium, you'll get the feeling that it was formed by hand, almost like an instrument.

Aluminium is a highly characteristic feature for Bang & Olufsen, but it wasn't chosen for design purposes alone. As a result of the rigidity of this material, the prevention of dissonance caused by joints and the elimination of distortions, a closed casing made of aluminium also offers the best acoustic qualities.


Move your sounds around with you – throughout the house, or even outside (on special occasions). Sixteen hours of battery power at high volume gives you the flexibility to listen to your music wherever you want.


Spotify, Deezer, QPlay and TuneIn are already built in, which means that you can quickly and easily access millions of tracks and thousands of playback lists and radio stations – without even grabbing hold of your smartphone or tablet. The streaming services are integrated into BeoSound 1, so the battery on your mobile device will last longer (because the speaker streams directly from the Cloud). Thanks to this function, you can also continue to use your smartphone for calls, messages and games, without interrupting the music.


With BeoLink Multiroom technology, you can combine your Bang & Olufsen and B&O PLAY products to create a single seamless, wireless system. Start up your musical experience or include a device by simply tapping on top of BeoSound 2. Listen to different music in different rooms, or let one track ring out throughout the whole house. You can even tie your Bang & Olufsen television into the loop - allowing you to hear the TV's sound in other rooms, or listen to music through the speaker on the TV.


BeoSound 1 is equipped with impressively up-to-date 360-degree sound transmission. A modern simulation tool was used when this product was being developed to ensure perfect sound distribution at the speaker; it also took account of the environment around the speaker so that it could use this information to create the perfect sound environment. As a result, it won't matter where you sit - you'll always experience great sound. 


BeoSound 1 has a built-in proximity sensor; when you get closer, the sensor detects your presence and prepares to receive a command. The proximity sensor reacts to these signals immediately and turns towards them so that the user panel automatically turns in your direction.


The surface of the speaker acts like a minimalistic control panel; you turn it like a dial to control the volume, and swipe or tap the surface to control all the other functions.


You can play tracks directly from your favourite music apps via Bluetooth or WiFi, or call up the full Bang & Olufsen experience through the BeoMusic app.


- Limited Edition Bronze
- Brass Tone
- Natural

PRICE: 1'650.-