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BeoMusic App

It's never been easier to manage the music that flows through your home.

The BeoMusic-App for Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones gives you complete access to all your music. Just use our app to choose what you want to hear, then play the music through one or all of your Bang & Olufsen products.

The BeoMusic App gathers together all the music on your mobile device, music content you have at home, selected music services and internet radio on one user platform. The BeoMusic App provides you with a quick overview of the tracks currently available and lets you operate the audio system without any problems, regardless of the source. The BeoMusic App is therefore a particularly user-friendly, practical solution when using your trusted streaming services and enjoying the qualities typical of Bang & Olufsen - the sound, the design and the haptic properties.

Enjoy the full integration of music streaming service Deezer. Use the App to navigate your way through more than 35 million tracks, to access your playlists and add new numbers to your favourites, all with a single touch.

BeoLink Multiroom brings all your Bang & Olufsen products together into one wireless system to offer you greater freedom at home. Listen to different music in different rooms or let one track ring out throughout the whole house. You can switch on a Bang & Olufsen device with one touch or easily control the stream of music through the BeoMusic App.

The BeoMusic App is perfectly in tune with the Apple Watch, making it easy to control devices directly from your wrist. You can happily put your smartphone down and enjoy freedom of movement throughout the whole house. Turn all your Bang & Olufsen devices off with a single touch when you leave the building.

Together with TuneIn, the BeoMusic App opens up the whole world of digital radio stations up to you at a single touch. Browse through more than 100,000 internet radio stations and create your own quickly-accessible station list.

The intelligent Live Search function allows you to find radio stations that often play your favourite songs or artists, or are actually playing them right now. To make it even easier to use, the radio stations close to your location are automatically listed .

The BeoMusic App is available for iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini (iOS 8.4 and higher) and for Android smartphones (Android 4.1 and higher) . An iPhone with iOS 9 and WatchOS 2 is necessary for compatibility with the Apple Watch. You can download the App free of charge from the App Store and from Google Play.