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BeoLink NL/ML Converter

The BeoLink NL/ML Converter acts as a connection between Master link products and Network link products.

The BeoLink NL/ML Converter acts as a connection between Master link products (e.g. BeoSound 5 and BeoVision 10) and Network link products (e.g. BeoVision 11/BeoPlay V1). With the help of a BeoLink NL/ML Converter, you can play music from a Master link product through the speaker of a Network link product and through any speakers connected directly to the Network  link product – and vice versa. In practice, this means that you can, for example, play the music from the BeoSound 5 in the dining room through the speaker connected to the  BeoVision 11 in the living room - but you can also play the sound from the BeoVision 11 or BeoPlay V1 back through the speaker connected to the BeoSound 5.

PRICE: CHF 820.-