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Form 2i

Ever worn art on your ears?

Steve McGugan designed these legendary headphones in 1983, which makes the Form 2 the most enduring of any type of headphone worldwide, by some distance. Their clear, uncluttered lines must have impressed the curators of New York City's Museum of Modern Art (MoMa) too, as they've been included in the permanent collection at this museum.

Weighing in at just 90g, they transport you to a world of musical pleasure. Once again, the acoustic philosophy pursued by BANG & OLUFSEN is clear; to reproduce the sound as closely to the original as possible. Nothing should be allowed to falsify the musical aims of the artist - neither too much nor too little bass or too much or too little treble. The sound engineers succeeded in delivering this ideal of true-to-life musical playback when they developed Form 2.

Form 2i differs from its predecessor, Form 2, in that a convenient control pad has been integrated into the cable, allowing you to send commands to your music player. It also has a convenient built-in microphone for telephone calls.

Form 2i: Pale Blue, Pale Green, Grey, White, Black and Red
Form 2i Pepsi Edition: Blue, Black and White

Form 2i: CHF 139.-
Form 2i Pepsi Edition: CHF 179.-