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BeoPlay S8

THE compact set from BeoPlay that's useful in every context...

Want to boost the sound from your non-B&O television? BeoPlay S8 offers the perfect solution, with two compact satellite speakers in combination with a powerful subwoofer. Naturally, the system works just as well with any stereo system, or with BANG & OLUFSEN devices.

The satellite speakers are so compact, with a diameter of less than 16 cm, that we guarantee you'll be able to fit them perfectly and efficiently into your home. The aluminium housing is formed under a staggering pressure of 170 tons into a seamless, flawless ring of incredible hardness, showcasing the unsurpassed craftsmanship of BANG & OLUFSEN in the way the aluminium is worked.

The subwoofer casts its own spell, with stunningly clear bass playback of frequencies down to 26 Hz. The extremely efficient bass reflex housing includes a bass reflex tube made specifically for this product and brings life into any music or film production. Digital power amplifiers bring the proverbial "music" to your day-to-day routine.

BeoPlay S8 MKII, black, including connection hub: CHF 1,499.-