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BeoPlay P2

Completely personal mobile Bluetooth speaker with a powerful sound. This design promises to expand and enhance your personal audio experience.

The Beoplay P2 is a completely personal mobile Bluetooth speaker with a full and powerful sound. The P2 was designed to drive your audio experience into new areas while you're out and about; it also fits easily into your hand or trouser pocket. Access the intelligent functions of the Beoplay app by shaking or tapping the speaker, and enjoy Bang & Olufsen's signature sound for 10 hours on just one charge of the battery. The P2's cover is made exclusively from extremely high quality materials – a glass pearl blasted and anodised aluminium cover over the speaker, with a polymer on the base. A wrist strap made of real leather makes this speaker even more comfortable to carry .

Royal Blue, Sandstone and Black

PRICE: CHF 175.-