BeoPlay H8

Perfect sound without the ambient noise 

BeoPlay H8 is the logical next step from the high-end BeoPlay H6 headphones. Here again, the designers have chosen a mix of finest nappa leathers and aluminium. The quality of this product sets the standard for the high-end headphones market. The lambskin feels soft and silky to the ear, giving pleasure to wearers from the moment they put them on.

The designers chose an on-ear platform for the BeoPlay H8, allowing these headphones to be smaller and more compact than the H6. The sensational Active Noise Cancelling function eliminates any interfering external sound so you can confidently concentrate on the music you wanted to hear, or on your telephone call.

Why have a cable when you can do without? Just connect BeoPlay H8 via Bluetooth to your music player and/or phone and experience perfect pleasure without the clutter of a cable. Choose your music track, volume or telephone call on the aluminium ear pad. Touch pads have been integrated below the paper-thin aluminium surface to convert comfortinto a a whole new experience.

Colours: Natural or gray hazel (brown)

- Leather bag black, 100.-

- Fabric bag grey, 70.-
- Battery, 50.-

PRICE: 350.- instead of regular price of 499.-