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BeoPlay H7

When perfect materials and convenience meet perfect sound ...

Could over-ear headphones be any more beautiful? We think not!

This is a story of passion, and a story that's re-played time and time again. When you pick up your BeoPlay H7 for the first time, your fingers slip over the ear pads, finished in the finest lambskin leather. They say: "soft". When the harmony between the concentric brushing on the aluminium and the finest forms of leather reaches your eye, you say: "beautiful". Then you put your headphones on, and immediately feel how perfectly they fit.

You choose your favourite music, and you think you know what happens next. You think you know that you're completely familiar with every detail of the piece you've heard a thousand times before. And then the unexpected happens: surprise, exhilaration. You start to smile - your eyes shine! This is the experience offered by BeoPlay H7! You experience the familiar in a new way. You discover nuances in your music that you've never discovered before. We bet you do.

Naturally, you can control your music player from the small in-line pad on the H7's cable and make telephone calls via the built-in microphone. Frequent fliers will appreciate the fact that the cable can be connected on the left or the right, depending on where the cable socket for your flight seat is positionedt.

THE CLEVEREST DETAIL OF ALL: You can do without wires completely, as the built in Bluetooth 4.0 creates a perfect audiophile connection to your music player. Of course, you can also conveniently adjust the volume and selected track using intelligent gestures on the aluminium surface of the ear pads.

Natural, Black, Cenere Grey and Cocoa Brown.

PRICE: CHF 399.-