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BeoPlay A1

Beoplay A1 is a portable Bluetooth speaker with a built-in microphone and protection against dust and splashes of water.

The incomparable 360° sound distribution brings you a better tone and more formidable bass performance. Beoplay A1 is for music lovers who value sound quality and design. It fits perfectly into your hand, with a shape that makes it slip easily into a bag (or even your jacket or trouser pocket) so you can take it with you wherever you go. With a battery life of up to 24 hours*, the Beoplay A1 will still be playing when most of the competition has already given up the ghost.

The shape of the Beoplay A1's base plays a crucial role in the position of the microphone. Because of the rounded design, the microphone is uniformly sensitive to speech through 360º around the A1. This makes voice recognition at the other end of the call much easier – regardless of where the speaker is positioned in relation to the microphone.

Portable Bluetooth speaker for music and calls. Weighs just 600 g. Improved audio performance. More immersive bass output. Max. output 2 x 140 W. Plays music tirelessly - up to 24 hours at normal volume levels. Aluminium casing. Two Beoplay A1s can be connected together to provide wireless stereo sound.

Natural, Moss Green, Deep Red, Black, Sand Stone, Tangerine and Charcoal Sand.

PRICE: CHF 250.-