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BeoLit 15

Mobile miracle of sound

A small, handy speaker with 240 watts of digital peak power that repeatedly astounds its listeners. Three tweeter/mid range speakers and a central woofer plus two passive bass membranes bring the 360° power right into the room. The cleverest feature is that you can just pick this miracle of sound up by its leather strap and use it anywhere you like without any mains power for up to 24 hours. Wouldn't that be fantastic in the garden or on the balcony?

You can use any playback device that has a jack plug as your source player, but of course this beauty also packs Bluetooth 4.0 streaming technology on board too. This makes it possible to transmit your music wirelessly from any mobile device or computer.

Genery Grey, Light Natural und Charcoal Black (45.- / strap)

Shaded Rose, Natural, Natural Champagne und Black.

PRICE: CHF 449.- , down from CHF 529.-